Diffuser Grid Ceiling Specifications Portugal

Product NameDiffuser Grid Ceiling Specifications Portugal
MaterialPlastic,ABS,PVC or other material
ColorWhite or custom color
StandardChina standard
PackagingStandard packaging
  • Acoustical Ceiling Tiles, Baffles, Clouds and Diffusers

    Use the ceiling treatment matrix at the bottom of the page or the category listings below to choose the appropriate acoustical ceiling product. Choices include ceiling tiles, ceiling clouds, ceiling baffles, and ceiling diffusers. Contact us if you need any assistance.

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  • Ceiling Products | Golterman Sabo Acoustics | St. Louis

    GS Acoustics has ceiling systems that allow for exposed joists and ceiling decks while absorbing, diffusing or reflecting sound. The Acousti-Image process of custom printing fabrics offers ceiling products that also serve as message boards. GS Acoustics can help design acoustical ceiling systems for your sound reverberation requirements and

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  • LH Recessed Trofier

    Ceiling Type G 15/16” Grid Ceiling NG 9/16” Narrow Face Grid Ceiling SS 9/16” Screw Slot Grid Ceiling DWDrywall Ceiling *Ceiling Type cannot be retrofitted in the field Distribution D Direct Size 14 1' x 4' Fixture 22 2' x 2' Fixture 24 2' x 4' Fixture Diffuser SGL Soft Glow Lens Finish/Color C1 Matte White

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  • Sound Diffusers | Golterman Sabo Acoustics | St. Louis

    When installed in a ceiling grid system or hung independently, GS Acoustics' Ceiling Sound Diffusers use their shape to reflect sound evenly throughout a room. They come in pyramid, barrel and wedge shapes. Ceiling diffusers improve sound quality by disrupting standing sound waves that occur between parallel surfaces such as ceilings and floors.

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  • HVAC Egg Crate Diffuser Louvers Air Returns | 1800Ceiling

    HVAC Egg Crate Diffusers. HVAC egg crate diffusers and louvers enable your HVAC system to work more efficiently because they allow for optimum air low with minimal resistance. Unlike traditional slotted vents, single cell air louvers provide greater air intake capacity because they don't collect dust and debris as quickly.

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  • 0 Ceiling Diffusers Suggested Specification

    design is intended for use in an exposed grid suspended ceiling (T-bar Lay-in) with up to a three-hour rating and must be installed in accordance with the installation instructions. Diffuser shall consist of a flush perforated air distribution face of no less than 51% free area, a steel backpan with round / square inlet collars

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  • Kachina - Ceiling light | Product Codes Specifications

    Lighting has a crucial role in supporting safety, wellbeing and productivity, but the quest for efficiency savings creates a temptation to seek cheaper solutions, which may be non-compliant, untested, unable to meet performance specifications and vulnerable to failure. Kachina is a new way of thinking for suspended lighting applications.

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  • Dampers, Diffusers, Grilles, Louvers, Registers

    Elima-Draft Commercial Ceiling Tile Leak Diversion Cover 24" x 24" For 1" Drop Ceiling Grid Systems. MADE IN THE USA; Includes 12 Feet of 1/2" Flexible Hose with 1/2" Black PVC Plastic Connector. Attaches Magnetically-No Tool Required. Collect Water Into One Catch Basin Instead of Multiple Basins.

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  • Residential and Commercial Grilles, Registers, Diffusers

    TRUaire ®, a leading HVAC register and grille manufacturer began operations in 1984. Our first location was a 35,000 square foot warehouse in Vernon, CA. Today, TRUaire services its nationwide network of customers from five strategically placed Distribution Centers. Our Main Office is located in Santa Fe Springs, California.

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  • Installation and Operation Manual, Model Series 4000 and

    8. No diffusers shall be located in an adjacent 24" x 48" (600 x 1200) ceiling grid module. 9. Series 4000 and 4400 Ceiling Air Diffuser Assemblies are for use in lieu of the hinged blade, sheet metal damper in steel ducts with steel diffusers or grilles as specified in the "Design Information Section -

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  • Donn Air Diffuser - usg.com

    Features ONNThe D ® brand air diffuser provides air delivery and return for the ceiling system. Air is supplied through the lay-in diffuser, which is placed on the 2 x 2 , narrow-suspension module. The plenum rests on the diffuser, which completes the installation. The diffuser can be used for return air as well as supply.

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  • Diffusers Table of Contents - Trane

    Mechanical Specifications D 33 – 34 Introduction In today's diverse building environment, we are seeing an ventilation with ceiling diffusers, throws should be kept as long as possible. For proper air circulation, try WDTH Ceiling Tee Width 916 9/16" Ceiling Grid 1516 15/16" Ceiling Grid SLOT Slot Configuration 1S1W 1-Slot, 1-Way

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  • 81914 - AirTec 81914 - MV4 Ceiling Diffuser w/ 4-Way

    AirTec 81914 - MV4 Ceiling Diffuser w/ 4-Way Grille (8" x 8") - The Ceiling Diffuser line is a snap to install in any ceiling. Quick tear off bands allow for easy size changes and our swinging clips will fasten the assembly into the ceiling in seconds!

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  • Radiator - Primacoustic

    The Radiator is a multi-faceted device that is used to break up high frequency sound energy and create a sense of air and space in any room. This make the Radiator perfect for studios and home theatres where you may want to eliminate flutter echo without over-deadening the room.

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  • How to Build an Acoustic Diffuser — And Why You Need

    How to Build an Acoustic Diffuser — And Why You Need Diffusion June 20, Reflection points are places in a mix room where the audio from the speakers hits the nearest walls and ceiling. Lots of different-length squares positioned specifically on a set grid ably diffuse mid frequencies. Diffusers are extremely heavy, however, due to the

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  • Air Distribution | nailor.com

    Nailor Plenum Slot and Light Troffer Diffusers are designed for an extremely unobtrusive method of air distribution for use in suspended ceiling grid systems, available in many standard sizes.

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  • Installation Manual - Ceilings from Armstrong

    Installation Manual for Lay-in Modular Ceiling. 2 • Ceiling panels must be kept clean, dry, and protected from the elements. Remove the panels from the cartons 24 hours • Assume we use 19mm wall angle and 24mm grid facing, then the overall length should be 3614mm to achieve the full tile visual. Thumb rule calculation

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  • HVAC Diffusers - Ductwork, Venting, Fittings and Caps

    A square diffuser provides high volume air diffusion; multi-louver models control air volume. Perforated diffusers feature a clean, unbroken plane look and reduce noise in low volume air applications. Choose the type and size that fits your ductwork. Shop a wide selection of HVAC diffusers at Grainger today.

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  • Modular, recessed ceiling lighting range - 625 size | Eaton

    The 625 range is a bespoke range of luminaires designed to fit 625mm exposed 'T' grid ceiling systems. Although suited to a range of applications, the 625 range is most at home in commercial office applications that require modern, cost-effective lighting. Designed to complement Eaton's existing Cornell, Caton, Taliska P, and VersaPanel recessed ceiling lighting ranges, the 625 variants

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  • Pyramid Sound Diffuser | Acoustical Solutions

    Pyramid Diffusers are constructed of rigid E-glass and are molded in a one-piece shape. They are lightweight and easily to mount direct to a wall or ordered for drop in ceiling grid applications. The standard finish is a white gelcoat and standard sizes are 2′ x 2′ and 4′ x 4′. Technical Information for Pyramid Sound Diffuser:

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  • Geometric Diffusers - Kinetics Noise

    The shaped surfaces of Kinetics' Geometric Diffusers break up direct sound reflections and disperse them more evenly throughout the listening space. Random disbursement of sound reflections greatly improves sound quality and consistency for the listener. That's why Geometric Diffusers are perfect for band and choral rehearsal rooms and

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