Staircase Swirl Diffusers Cameroon

Product NameStaircase Swirl Diffusers Cameroon
MaterialPlastic,ABS,PVC or other material
ColorWhite or custom color
StandardChina standard
PackagingStandard packaging
  • TROX Staircase Diffuser Type 'SDRF' - Quality Air

    COMPACT HEIGHT, IDEAL FOR STEPS Circular and rectangular staircase swirl diffusers Various nominal sizes with 1 – 6 outlets Volume flow rate range 2 – 25 l/s or 7 – 90 m³/h Diffuser

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  • Auditorium Step Swirl Diffuser

    High induction circular step swirl diffuser for location in the vertical staircase or step face, especially beneath seats, in tiered auditoria and lecture theatres. Displacement airflow: Thermal displacement airflow, with low level swirl supply from steps beneath seats. Heat and contaminants rise from occupants in convective plumes to stratify

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  • Products |

    Diffusers. Terminal devices designed to cover different specialized functions in air distribution and indoor climate processing. The detailed descriptions, performance characteristics and parameters of the diffusers can be found on Systemair DESIGN.

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  • Staircase diffuser: Type SZD | Strulik

    Swirl Diffusers Variable Air Pattern Swirl Diffusers Multi-Outlet Diffusers Wall Supply Air Diffusers Staircase diffuser Type SZD Available with round or quadratic perforated plate front Front mounting option: The diffuser is screw fixed to the front side of the step and is then fastened to the diffuser perforated plate

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  • Staircase swirl diffusers

    Staircase swirl diffusers in air conditioning systems create a swirl to supply air to rooms. The resulting airflow induces high levels of room air, thereby rapidly reducing the airflow velocity and the temperature difference between supply air and room air. Staircase swirl diffusers supply the air directly to the occupied zone and even to

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  • Floor diffusers | TROX Australia Pty Ltd

    visualisation of air flow - floor diffusers diffuser In the TROX Air flow studio, the flow behavior of the air with various air distribution system is made impressively visible. The introduction of smoke in an authentic situation with space heat load simulators shows real flow patterns.

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    STAIRCASE SWIRL DIFFUSERS TROX SERVICES PRODUCTSEARCH A-Z Find out quickly and simply. TROX EASY PRODUCT FINDER Fast. Reliable. Innovative. TOUR DE COMPETENCE Competence - exciting staged. TROX Middle East (LLC) P.O. Box No. 31432 19 Street Al Quoz Industrial Estate #3 Dubai United Arab. Emirates Tel.: +971 4 3417448 Fax: +971 4 3417449 Online

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  • Type SDRF | TROX Australia Pty Ltd

    Type SDRF staircase swirl diffusers are primarily used as supply air diffusers for comfort conditioning applications For auditoriums in theatres, cinemas or concert halls Supply air discharge directly to the occupied zone

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  • Air Diffusion Systems | Strulik

    For more than 25 years Strulik has specialized in developing and manufacturing the best air diffusion systems possible. For a given room configuration Strulik engineers plan the layout of supply and exhaust air and choose or develop the most suitable supply and exhaust air diffusers.

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  • Staircase Swirl Diffusers | TROX Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

    PDF SD Circular and square staircase swirl diffusers Nominal size 180 mm Volume flow rate range 10 – 25 l/s or 36 – 90 m³/h Diffuser face made of sheet steel, powder-

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  • Air Diffusers | TROX Middle East (LLC)

    TROX ceiling, wall, staircase and floor diffusers were designed in corporation with well-known designers and architects so that they act as design elements for architects and, at the same time, fulfil demanding ventilation and acoustic requirements. Get in touch with us - our diffuser programme also offers you an ideal solution.

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  • Varipro Mobile Laminar Flow Cabin | Walkair USA

    Floor Diffusers; Staircase Swirl Diffusers; Control Components; Decentralised Ventilation Systems. Horizontal Under Sill Units; Vertical Units; Ceiling Units; Underfloor Units; Control Systems; External Louvres. Multileaf Dampers; External Weather Louvres; Mechanically Self-Powered Dampers; Gas-Tight Shut-Off Dampers; Doors;

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  • KSP - Staricase diffusers - MP3

    The KPS series staircase swirl diffusers belong to the under-chair diffuser category; ideal for places where the best comfort levels are desired both in temperature and acoustics. Cinemas, theatres and conference halls are some examples. Technical data. The KPS series staircase swirl diffusers are realized in the models:

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  • Swirl Diffusers - Nailor

    Nailor's Floor "Swirl" Diffusers are designed for use in raised access floor air distribution systems, where the floor cavity is used as a pressurized supply air plenum. The core design produces a low velocity helical "swirl" discharge air pattern. The design achieves high induction rates of room air which optimizes mixing for maximum comfort conditions.

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  • | Objects | Search For diffuser

    This diffuser was designed to be an accurate representation of all sizes of this type shown in the 2004 Titus catalog. It is not an exact architectural model. It serves only as a tool for mechanical design to represent the diffuser and to carry all the applicable mechanical data realted to it such as airflow, size, throw, manufacturer, model

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    ST ST 214 215 ved ved STAIRCASE SWIRL DIFFUSER - SDV • Staircase diffuser, for ventilation in areas that require high air induction, as well as low air flow velocities and noise levels. • Made out of steel sheet, standard powder coating RAL 9010.

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  • Staircase Swirl Diffusers

    Staircase swirl diffusers type SD are available in size 180 as standard (special construction down to size 158 possible). Depending on the architectural requirements, the staircase swirl diffuser can be made circular or square. To achieve a swirled flow, the diffuser face has four air outlet

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  • Products - Grada International

    Staircase swirl diffusers The staircase swirl diffuser type WGR is suitable for the input of warm or cool air in places such as schools theatres, cinemas, concert halls, The diffusers is fitted out with fixed strips …

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  • Type SD | TROX GmbH

    Staircase swirl diffusers supply the air directly to the occupied zone and even to individual room occupants. The result is mixed flow ventilation for comfort zones and an excellent air quality in the occupied zone. Type SD staircase swirl diffusers have fixed blades.

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