Jet Nozzles Togo

Product NameJet Nozzles Togo
MaterialPlastic,ABS,PVC or other material
ColorWhite or custom color
StandardChina standard
PackagingStandard packaging
  • Alfa Laval - T/TZ

    Alfa Laval T/TZ Rotary Jet Head tank-cleaning range provide exceptional cleanability, better end-product quality, greater overall output and reduced operating costs. They are designed for hygienic applications such as food, dairy and beverage as well as for the marine environment.

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  • Car Washer Spray Lance + 5 Quick Connect Water Jet Nozzle

    Red: 0 degree (stainless steel, concentrated pencil jet) high pressure nozzle. Multiplies ordinary pressure into powerful scrubbing power using a jet stream of rotating water. It rotates at high speeds to increase both the intensity and cleaning area of the spray.

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  • OPW 295SA SAJ Aircraft Nozzles | OPW Retail Fueling

    Unique Jet Aircraft Spout Design of 295SAJ - to help prevent inadvertent fueling of piston engine aircraft with turbine fuel. Ground Wire Assembly - included on all aviation nozzles. Design working pressure. 110 psi (7.58 bar) maximum pressure

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  • Combijet

    rotating nozzles 350bar ultra impact rotating nozzle ( 4jets) orbital rotating nozzles re.kits for orbital rotating nozzle straight jet nozzles 500 bar - 1/4''- 0° (straight) ultra impact rotating nozzle - 7/16 '' nozzles 3/8''

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  • How to Choose the Right Blast Nozzle

    Technically, these nozzles are de Laval nozzles, the same design featured in jet exhausts. The rapid acceleration of the air flow and particles in a de Laval nozzle is due to an effect that occurs as the flow breaks the speed of sound. Besides producing tremendous acceleration, the angled shape of the diverging end spreads out the flow

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  • Spray/Jet Nozzle 12mm HS-12 349 x 98mm | eBay

    Spray/Jet Nozzle 12mm HS-12 349 x 98mm . General description. Unitor's dual purpose HS 12 spray jet nozzles are designed specifically for marine use. These nozzles provide quick change over of water throw form spray to jet and vice versa enhancing your fire fighting capability on board your vessel.

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  • Fuel Tanks To GO – Fuel Tanks To GO

    both Jet-A and AvGas and include all the necessary equipment specific to aviation fueling, such as grounding reels/lines and aviation-grade hoses and nozzles. Call now for more details or a quote. Whether you are looking for a portable fuel tank, aviation refueling tank, farm equipment or

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  • Spray Nozzle People - UK and France

    With over 65 years experience and 1,000,000+ nozzles shipped, you can trust us with your spray application. Call or contact us today to learn how partnering with BETE can make your project a success.

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  • Ruby Jet Nozzles | Paper Machines And Installation | Sidhu

    Ruby Jet Nozzles • Disc-type nozzles fit inside the shower; the internal brushes easily sweep fibre particles. • Lock ring holds the nozzles in place. • Available in flat and solid stream spray patterns. • Solid stream versions: Choose from stainless steel, ceramic or synthetic ruby orifice material for longer wear life.

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  • Choosing Nozzle Spray Patterns for Your Application | Cleaner

    If blocked, a forward jet or jets are required. If not blocked, a forward jet is optional. Forward jets will reduce overall distance capabilities. If distance is a consideration choose a blind nozzle (no forward jet). Pushing debris forward is more efficient with a pattern using multiple forward jets (degreaser pattern).

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  • Accessoires - Leister Technologies

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  • Jet Nozzles - General Pipe Cleaners

    Jet Nozzles . Whether you're up against grease, sand, or ice, there's a General nozzle that will cut through it. Some are designed for maximum penetrating power, some are designed to pressure wash the pipe walls, and some are designed to go around sharp bends. All of General's nozzles are made of hardened stainless steel to last longer.

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  • Jetstream Orbi-Jet X22 Rotary Nozzle Makes Surface

    The Orbi-Jet X22 rotary nozzle from Jetstream of Houston is designed for industrial surface cleaning applications. Rated for pressures up to 22,000 psi, the self-rotating nozzle features four jets designed to make surface cleaning safer and easier.

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